Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services are geared to support you in overcoming the stumbling blocks of your business and propelling you in your growth journey. We leverage our expert panel of advisors with decades of experience across different industries for these services…

Business and Financial Planning

Busy with day-to-day operations, businesses often forget to lay out a robust plan for the future with all the assumptions and possible scenarios. Therefore, when hit by market uncertainties they often don’t have go-to reference document. Our team is trained to use established frameworks and tools to devise short-term (annual) and long-term (3/5 year) business actions and financial plan to give direction to the business when different scenarios play out in the market.

Program Management & Strategy Office

Once the plans are put in place, there is a need to manage and execute it well to get the desired results. While functional plans are owned by respective departments, no one owns or tracks the overall business plan and the onus for the same lies on the CEO. But the CEOs need support as tracking and monitoring progress can be quite time consuming. That’s where the role of Program Management and Strategy Office comes in. If you already have this in place, our team can help you with well laid processes and tools and bolster the efficiency of your in-house team. But if you don’t have it in-house – we can either help you set it up or we can play the Program Management and Strategy Office role for you.

Organic Growth Advisory

Driving continuous organic growth year after year can be very challenging as consumers and markets continuously evolve. Often a third-party view or expert guidance is required at various stages. Our panel of expert advisors with relevant industry experience are best suited to provide you this guidance and help you navigate the growth maze. Sometimes, budget is the constraint for utilising these experts but with us you have the flexibility of engaging on a short assignment with very specific outcome in mind too.

M&A Support

According to different studies, about 70-80% of M&As fail to achieve their envisioned business case. And bulk of the value erosion happens during integration i.e., post transaction phase. While we can support you through the lifecycle of M&A through different service offerings, most critically we focus on the post-merger integration support. We have an in-house toolkit which guides us in our post-merger integration support services and ensures that the envisioned business value from the transaction is unlocked.